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Life Size 3D Small Game Targets

Boar and Javelina

3D Boar target
3D Javelina target

BOAR/JAVELINA The Boar and Javelina targets are one piece design. The Boar features the vital replacement plug. The outside edge of the replacement plug serves as the vital ring. Vital zones are on the rear and both sides. Javelina, circumference: 33 in. Height: 19.in". Boar, circumference: 44 in. Shoulder height: 26 in.

Developed For Optimum Durability And Realistic Features


3D Coyote target

Coyote The Coyote is a one piece design with vitals on chest, rear, and both sides. Circumference: 31 in. Height at Chest: 26 in, Length: 36 in.

Small Game Targets

Life size 3D raccoon target
Life size 3D strutting groundhog target
Life size 3D bobcat target

SMALL GAME TARGETS The R & W Small Game Targets are one piece designs, made of super high density, self-healing foam, with core. The Raccoon, Groundhog, an Bobcat were constructed to create an even more challenging shot. The small game targets add another element to archery tournaments with features like: High density foam for optimum durability. Realistic size and life-like features.

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