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Life Size 3D Bear & Turkey Targets


WALKING BEAR The R & W Walking Bear target features the high density foam, Ethafoam-fabric, plug replacement. The outside edge of the replacement vital serves as the vitals ring. Vital zones are on the rear and both sides allowing more usage for the cost. Available in black, brown, or white. Circumference:46 in Height: 29 in.

Developed For Optimum Durability And Realistic Features
3D Polar bear target
3D standing bear target

STANDING BEAR The R & W Standing Bear is a two piece design. The replaceable top section consists of head and chest section. This design eliminates the problem of the head becoming loose and falling off. The top section has vitals on the front, sides and features the Ethafoam-fabric core. Height:61 in. Circumference: 51 in. Chest Area: 51 in.

Life size 3D bear target

Den Bear The Den Bear is a two piece design. Top Section is same as the Standing Bear target. Three vital areas: Front and both sides.

Life Size 3D Turkey Targets

Life size 3D turkey target
Life size 3D strutting turkey target

STANDING & STRUTTING TURKEY R & W Standing and Strutting Turkeys are sculpted to precise detail using mounted specimens and measurements from real turkeys. Both types have vitals on both sides, front and rear. They are constructed of self-healing foam, and feature the Ethafoam-fabric cores. Standing, circumference: 34 in., height: 36 in. Strutting, circumference: 37 in., heigth:37 in., top of back: 26in.

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