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Life Size 3D Deer Targets


BIG BUCK The Big Buck deer is constructed in three sections. The thick replaceable mid-section has vitals on both sides, and contains the Ethafoam-fabric core. The Big Buck sports a life-size trophy rack, and is a replica of a 250 pound deer. Circumference:48 in., Height:40 in.

Developed For Optimum Durability And Realistic Features

MS DEER SERIES Features a three piece design. The replaceable mid-section has vitals on both sides and contains the Ethafoam-fabric core. It has three interchangeable head positions (Alert, Sneak and Grazing). MS DEER FEATURES. Superior slide-locking system. 6 pound Ethafoam-fabric core. Economical mid section replacement. Tournament tested. Circumference:37 in., Height:33 in.


VR DEER SERIES The VR DEER SERIES has a replacement vital plug composed of high density, self-healing foam. The low cost of replacement vitals make it an excellent choice for backyard practice of broadheads, or the competitive archery tournaments. The outside edge of the replacement plug serves as the vitals ring, leaving no confusing lines for tournament shooting. Available in three head positions. (Alert, Sneak, Grazing). VR DEER Features, economical replacement vital. Replacement plug is self-healing foam. Life-like detailed anatomy. Circumference:37 in. Height:33 in.

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