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R&W Targets Joins With BIGShot Targets

We are pleased to announce that R&W Targets and BIGshot Targets have joined forces. By combining our two family companies, we can offer our customers an expanded line of bag, broadhead and field point range targets along with R&W's time tested line of 3D targets.

Russel and Barbara have enjoyed 25 wonderful years serving their customers and the Archery Industry. At BIGshot we are proud to have been selected to carry on their legacy and will work hard to provide the same personal service and value.

R&W Targets will continue as a unique brand with the same great quality detail and pricing for our current customers. Russell will work with us as a consultant while he pursues his passion for Wildlife Photography.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have

Life size 3D archery targets for hunting

R & W TARGETS are developed and known for their optimum durability and realistic features. Each target is completely three dimensional, and is made of tough self healing foam which allows ultimate performance. R & W's Proven Ethafoam-fabric constructed core allows the maximum number of shots without shooting through, and prevents arrows from bouncing out. That adds up to more shots for your money. The realistic detailed anatomical features in every animal speak for themselves. R & W TARGETS are quickly gaining popularity because of their durability, life-like features, and cost effective prices.

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